Job Opening – FW Flight Test Instructor

Flight Test Instructor, Mojave, CA. Responsible for the instruction of student flight test pilots and engineers for Master of Science in Flight Test Engineering courses and flight test short courses covering aircraft performance, flying qualities, flight dynamics, envelope expansion, and avionics system testing. Instructor will also be responsible for the oversight of flight test engineering capstone projects. Must have MSc. Degree in Flight Test Engineering; Military Aviator Rated; Graduate of SETP Recognized Test Pilot School; 4 years of fixed wing Experimental Test Pilot Experience, including the flight testing of military jet aircraft; FAA ATP, Instructor, & Class 1 Medical. Annual salary: 180K. Mail resume to: National Test Pilot School, Attn. James E. Brown III, 1030 Flightline, Building # 72, Mojave, CA 93501.