NTPS Instructor Matteo Brambilla


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NTPS is pleased to announce our newest Flight Test Instructor, Matteo Brambilla. Matteo comes to us with 15 years of operational and flight test experience in the Italian Navy.

As a former Fighter/Attack Pilot on both AV-8B II+ Harrier and F-35B Lightning II aircraft, Instructor Pilot and Test Pilot for the Italian Navy, Matteo brings significant fixed-wing flight test experience to NTPS, being a former LT Col in charge of the IT Navy AV-8B and F-35B squadron Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati and the pilot for the IT Navy F-35B OT&E on ITS Cavour, becoming also the first Italian pilot to land an F-35B on board ITS Cavour, to then achieve the Carrier Qualification on the type. Matteo has earned one undergraduate degrees, one Master’s Degrees, and is a graduate of the US Navy Test Pilot School. Matteo is a welcome addition to the NTPS Instructor Team. Welcome Matteo!