NTPS Professional Course students visited multiple aerospace companies all over the US as part
of a weeklong field trip to gain exposure to the flight testing of new aircraft and systems designs.
The team visited Beta technologies, an eVTOL company based in Burlington, Vermont,
Gulfstream Flight Test Center in Savannah, Georgia, Bell Helicopters and Airbus Helicopters in
Fort Worth, Texas. The students were exposed to real world industry flight testing and associated
best practices. They also flew simulators of the eVTOL aircraft “Alia”, Gulfstream’s newest
G700 and G400 business jets, and the Bell 525 fly-by-wire helicopter. The field trip is an
important part of NTPS curriculum through which flight testers get an appreciation of the state of
the art of flight testing in the industry.


Field Trip June 22 1 Field Trip June 22 2 Field Trip June 22 3 Field Trip June 22 4 Field Trip June 22 5  Field Trip June 22 7 Field Trip June 22 6

During the UAV Systems Flight Test module, Professional Course students spent a week learning from Industry professionals about the intricacies involved with testing Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and their lessons learned in the process. The students completed several flights with NTPS' Optionally Piloted Aircraft.  This C-150 is flown with a safety pilot onboard to comply with FAA see-and-avoid requirements, but otherwise is remotely piloted. The flight test process allowed the students to work as a team of pilots, sensor operators, engineers and test conductors to perform several types of UAV tests. The students finished up by reporting their results during 1-hour oral briefings.


OPA2   OPA1   OPA3   OPA4   OPA5

NTPS is pleased to announce that our Graduate Assistant, Vikrant Sharma, co-authored a paper titled “Unsteady CFD Studies for Gust Modeling in Store Separation”, recently published in the Defence Science Journal. The paper, that can be viewed at the following link: https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.72.17608, identifies a test procedure for gust simulation using MIL standard data, and studies the emergency release condition where a vertical gust is hitting the aircraft to ascertain safe separation of a store from an airborne platform. 

The Indian Air Force Test Pilot School (IAFTPS) visited NTPS on 28 and 29 April 2022.

The 2-day visit was part of a Field Trip in the U.S. for the IAFTPS Staff and Students, both Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. NTPS and IAFTPS had the opportunity to share experience and knowledge in Flight Test education through the execution of numerous presentations, briefings and flights on both fixed wind and rotary wing aircrafts.

This visit represents an important milestone for a future cooperation between NTPS and IAFTPS.

India 3

During the last two weeks NTPS held its Introduction to Performance and Flying Qualities (P&FQ) Testing Short Courses for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Two diverse classes totaling 20 students that represented 9 different Nations with both military and industry experience attended the Courses.

These Short Courses are a great way to get initial exposure to flight testing and count towards a Graduate Certificate or a Master's Degree.

The next available fixed-wing introductory P&FQ testing short course takes place this November. The next available rotary-wing introductory P&FQ testing short course is offered next May 2023. If interested in taking either Course, sign up soon on our website as spots are limited, and the classes fill up quickly.

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