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NFTI Logos FBThe National Test Pilot School through its research and developement wing, the National Flight Test Institute, has a tradition of offering trusted independent party technical services to the aeronautical community, deriving from the diverse experience of its professionals, together with a wide range of test aircraft, flight test facilities and equipment. This includes specialized laboratories, simulators and telemetry systems. NTPS is located in and uses the finest flight test area in the United States, the R-2508 Complex used also by Edwards Air Force Base and China Lake Naval Air Station. The offered technical services, which can be performed at the customer facilities or onsite at NTPS, comprise most of the aeronautical domains. NTPS personnel are available to support organizations in their technical activities as consultants and to perform directly the required technical tasks to advance the engineering and scientific accomplishments of the customer organizations.

This constitutes a high added value service, as customers can refer to a single organization for a wide range of aeronautical services, with easy interfacing and high security levels throughout the whole development of their project.


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