Why Train at the National Test Pilot School?

The National Test Pilot School offers the best total flight test training in the world.  NTPS is located in and uses the finest flight test area in the United States, the R-2508 Complex used also by Edwards AFB and China Lake NAS.  NTPS has modern facilities employing the latest technologies including specialized laboratories, simulators, ranges, and telemetry systems.  Many of the more than thirty aircraft operated by NTPS are instrumented for flight test training and no other school utilizes the variety of specially acquired aircraft to support flight test training.  Flight simulators are used to bridge the gap between the classroom and the cockpit to allow students to explore, practice, and ask questions about flight test techniques before flying in the aircraft.  NTPS has a diverse and extremely experienced staff of instructors.  NTPS instructors come from the top test organizations in the US and around the globe averaging more than 15 years of flight test experience and more than 10 years of flight test instructional experience.

NTPS is the leader in innovative and customized total flight test training in the world.  Innovations include:

  • The first test pilot school in the world to achieve EASA ATO Certification
  • The first civilian test pilot school.
  • The first to offer the professional course in modules to improve the student learning experience and to support continuous professional development.
  • The first test pilot school to confer Masters degrees.
  • The first to offer Pre-TPS courses to help students prepare/ramp-up for the very demanding professional course.
  • The first test pilot school to make Systems Testing 50 percent of the professional course curriculum.
  • The first test pilot school to transition to predominantly electronic course material delivery.
  • The first test pilot school to develop and certify an Optionally Piloted Aircraft and implement it into the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Curriculum.