Aermacchi MB-326M
MB-326M N154TP

Aermacchi MB-326M (x3)

Crew 2 The Aermacchi MB-326 “Impala” is a single-engine jet trainer operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. Some aircraft are instrumented with the ability to perform loads, flutter and spin test flights. The NTPS MB-326s are primarily used for Performance and Flying Qualities flight test instruction
Manufacturer Aermacchi
Country of Origin Italy
Engine Rolls Royce Viper MK22-1
Thurst (mil) 2,500 lbs
Height 12ft 2 in
Wing Span 35 ft 7 in
Length 34 ft 11 in
Wing Area 208.3 ft2
MTOW 9600 lbs
Fuel 368 gal
Range 1,320 nm
Vne 0.82 Mach
Climb Rate (Sea Level) 6,050 fpm
Service Ceiling 47,000 ft