On Demand Courses - Course Schedule & Cost


All prices listed on this page are based on the course being purchased via a Purchase Order or direct payment to NTPS with NTPS standard terms.


EASA Bridging Course for Test Pilots & FTEs (course length & cost tailored as required) Estimated $10,000 - $999,000
EASA Flight Test Instructor Course Estimated $7,500 - $50,000
Flight Test Techniques Refresher Course Estimated $7,500 - $50,000
Technical Pilot Course for Production/Acceptance/Maintenance Flight Test $24,000 for scheduled class *
Flight Test Aviation Safety Course $1,500 for scheduled class *
Upset Recognition and Recovery Training Course $10,000 for scheduled class *
Spin Training Course $15,000 for scheduled class *
Formation / Low-Level / Chase Training Course $10,000 for scheduled class *
Crew Resource Management for Flight Testers (CRM) (3 Day Initial) $1,500 for scheduled class *
Crew Resource Management for Flight Testers (CRM) (1 Day Refresher) $500 for scheduled class *
Space Test Course (3 weeks) $11,500 for scheduled class *
 Test Pilot / Flight Test Engineer Consulting / Support (not a course)  TBD for scope required


* Prices listed are for an individual in a scheduled class. Call for pricing and to determine if a course can be scheduled on-demand at NTPS or your location. We can tailor or design courses to meet your specific flight test needs

Course cost is subject to change without notice.
Payment is due prior to the start of each course.  No course slot is secure until payment has been received.  Cancellation fees apply to all courses.  For short courses (6 weeks or less) a 25% cancellation fee applies if canceled within 90 days of the course start date. After the course start date, the cancellation fee is 100%.  For all other courses contact NTPS for our standard terms and conditions concerning cancellation fees. Cost is subject to change without notice.  Please call for current costs.  If a TAA is required for a course the customer should expect to pay a $1000 non-refundable fee for the TAA process (TAA fee is waived for Professional and Cat 2 courses).


Signup: Use the Student Application Form to register for a course. Alternatively, you can contact us to check course availability.

NTPS Catalog: For more detailed information please visit the online catalog page to view or download the NTPS Catalog .

Notice: Course costs and dates are subject to change without notice. Contact us to check course availability.

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NTPS Professional Course students visit …

NTPS Professional Course students visited multiple aerospace companies all over the US as partof a weeklong field trip to gain exposure to the flight testing of new aircraft and systems designs.The team visited Beta technologies, an eVTOL company based in... Read more

NTPS Graduate Assistant, Vikrant Sharma…

NTPS is pleased to announce that our Graduate Assistant, Vikrant Sharma, co-authored a paper titled “Unsteady CFD Studies for Gust Modeling in Store Separation”, recently published in the Defence Science Journal. The paper, that can be viewed at the following... Read more

UAV Systems Flight Test module

During the UAV Systems Flight Test module, Professional Course students spent a week learning from Industry professionals about the intricacies involved with testing Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and their lessons learned in the process. The students completed several flights with NTPS... Read more

RW and FW P&FQ

During the last two weeks NTPS held its Introduction to Performance and Flying Qualities (P&FQ) Testing Short Courses for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Two diverse classes totaling 20 students that represented 9 different Nations with both military and industry experience... Read more


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