TPS Preparation

National Test Pilot School is a world-renowned, accredited university program that will provide you with graduate level education in the science, engineering and discipline of Flight Test.

In our core, we are concerned about your success in our program.  We have found that the better a student is prepared before arriving at NTPS, the greater their success while completing the program.  At the following links you will find text material as well as tutorials for you to work through in preparation for a fast-paced and concentrated period of academic and flying training.  You must recognize that the curriculum follows a building block approach where each academic module builds on and expands upon the module before it.  As such, failure to master concepts prior to moving forward will only lead to greater frustration and risk of failure.

You are highly encouraged to take advantage of these resources to prepare for the academic rigors and also to self-identify places where you may want to find increased study.  During the first week at NTPS you will be given a Math and Physics examination to determine your readiness to proceed further into the curriculum. 


Available for your download and independent study are two of our text book Volumes:

Volume I - Math and Physics for Flight Testers

Volume II - Aerodynamics for Flight Testers


Also, the following document is a tutorial with exercises to practice or assess your knowledge.

PreTPS Tutorial 

PreTPS Tutorial Solutions