Bell OH-58C
OH-58C 170FR

Bell OH-58C (x2)

Crew 1-2 The Bell OH-58C “Kiowa” is a two-bladed single-engine light helicopter operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. It can carry two passengers with a flight crew of two. It is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20 turboshaft engine that produces 317 SHP at sea level. The maximum weight of the OH-58 is 3,200 lbs. The NTPS OH-58 is instrumented and serves as a flying laboratory with a flight test engineer consoles in the rear. NTPS uses the OH-58 for Performance and Flying Qualities flight test instruction.
Passengers 2
Manufacturer Bell
Country of Origin USA
Engine T63-A-720
Power 420 shp
Rotor Diameter 35 ft 4 in
Disk Area 978.7 ft2
Length 32 ft 2 in
Height 9 ft 6 in
MTOW 3,200 lbs
Range 140 nm
Vne 120 Kias
Service Ceiling 15,000 ft