Cirrus SR-22
SR-22 N243SR

Cirrus SR-22 (x3)

Crew 1 The Cirrus SR-22 is a single-engine low-wing composite aircraft operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. The SR-22s are Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with modern avionics, GPS and glass panel displays. NTPS operates the SR-22s throughout Systems, Performance and Flying Qualities flight test instruction.
Passenger 2
Manufacturer Cirrus
Country of Origin USA
Engine Continental IO-550-K
Power 315 hp
Length 26 ft
Fuel 92 gal
MTOW 3,400 lbs
Range 1,049 NM
Criuse Speed 183 kts
Climb Rate (Sea Level) 1,270 ft/m
Service Ceiling 17,500 ft