Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus Design SR22 is a single-engine, piston-propeller, tricycle fixed gear aircraft capable of carrying four people. It is powered by a Teledyne Continental IO-550-N six cylinder engine capable of producing 310 HP at 2,700 RPM. The propeller is a constant speed Hartzell three-bladed propeller. Maximum weight is 3,400 lbs with a fuel capacity of 81 gallons. At a typical cruise speed of 200 mph TAS the fuel flow is approximately 15 gal/hr at 65% power. The aircraft is equipped with an emergency Airframe Parachute System, electronic flight instruments (Avidyne PFD), a three axis autopilot, dual Garmin 430 navigation systems, a large multifunction display (Avidyne FlightMax), sidestick controls for pitch and roll, and a single power lever to control both manifold pressure and RPM.

The school currently operates three of the aircraft. One of the three aircraft has an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) which uses infrared sensors to show the view forward on a heads down cockpit display, increasing pilot situational awareness in degraded visual environments.  Two the three aircraft have a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) which is primarily comprised of a computer-generated forward-looking, attitude aligned view of the topography immediately in front of the aircraft using a digital terrain database. SVS information is shown on the primary flight display (PFD).  And lastly, one of the three aircraft is turbocharged.


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