DeHavilland DHC-1
DHC-1 N735DH

DeHavilland DHC-1

Crew 2 The DeHavilland DHC-1 “Chipmunk” is a single-engine, tandem two-seat, conventional landing gear (tailwheel) aircraft operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. NTPS uses the Chipmunk for qualitative evaluation, departure and spin flight test instruction.
Manufacturer DeHavilland
Country of Origin Canada
Engine Gipsy Major Mk 8
Power 145 hp
Length 25 ft 5 in
Height 7 ft 1 in
Wing Span 34 ft 4 in
Wing Area 172 ft2
MTOW 2100 lbs
Range 259 nm
Vne 173 kts
Climb Rate (Sea Level) 900 ft/min
Service Ceiling 15,800 ft