Diamond DA-42
DA-42 N411GW

Diamond DA-42

Crew 2 The Diamond DA-42 ”Twin Star” is a twin-engine composite aircraft operating under a Standard Airworthiness Certificate. The DA-42 is a TAA with modern avionics, GPS and glass panel displays. NTPS uses the DA-42 for Performance and Flying Qualities flight test instruction.
Passenger 2
Manufacturer Diamond
Country of Origin Germany
Engine 2 x Thielert TAE-125-02-99
Power 135 shp each
Length 28 ft 1 in
Height 8ft 2 in
Wing Span 44 ft 5 in
Wing Area 175.3 ft2
MTOW 3935 lbs
Range 1,210 nm
Vne 194 kts
Rate of Climb (sea level) 1,280 ft/min
Service Ceiling 18,000 ft


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