Northrop T-38
T-38 N638TC

Northrop T-38

Crew 2 The Northrop T-38 “Talon” is a tandem two-seat twin-engine supersonic jet trainer operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. The NTPS T-38 is used for Performance and Flying Qualities instruction as well as transonic and supersonic student flight test evaluations.
Manufacturer Northrop
Country of Origin USA
Engine 2 x General Electric J85-5
Thurst (mil) 2 x 2,050 lbs
Thurst (max) 2 x 2900 lbs
Wing Span 25 ft 3 in
Length 46 ft 4.5 in
Wing Area 170 ft2
MTOW 12,093 lbs
Fuel 583 Gal
Range 991 nm
Vne 746 kts / 1.3 M
Climb Rate (Sea Level) 33,600 ft/min
Service Ceiling 50,000 ft