Saberliner NA-265

The Sabreliner Corporation NA-265 Sabreliner is a business jet aircraft capable of carrying a crew of two and up to seven passengers. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney JT12A-8 turbojet engines producing 3,300 lbs of thrust each, static sea level conditions. Maximum takeoff weight is 20,172 lbs with a fuel capacity of 7,122 lbs of fuel. The aircraft’s certification limits include a maximum altitude of 45,000 ft, and maximum speed of 0.808 Mach or 368 KIAS. Recommended cruise at 41,000 ft requires approximately 1,400 lbs/hr total fuel flow to fly at 420 KTAS.

The school operates two aircraft, each equipped with an autopilot, a weather Radar, an integrated GPS system, TAWS and TCAS.  One of the two aircraft is also fully instrumented for performance and flying qualities assessments.

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