North American NA-265
NA-265 N378D

North American NA-265

Crew 2 The North American NA-265 “Sabreliner” is a twin-engine business jet operating under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. The NTPS Sabreliner is instrumented and serves as a flying laboratory with flight test engineer consoles. NTPS uses the Sabreliner for Performance and Flying Qualities flight test instruction.
Passenger 6
Manufacturer North American
Country of Origin USA
Engine 2x Pratt &Whitney JT-12A-8
Thurst (mil) 3,300 lbs
Length 44 ft
Height 16 ft
Wing Span 44 ft 6 in
Wing Area 342.1 ft2
MTOW 20,172 lbs
Range 2,170 nm
Vne 478 kts
Service Ceiling 17,300 m