Andrea Pingitore

Safety Manager

Rotary Wing Test Pilot Instructor, Professor


Andrea Pingitore Academic Qualifications

Master of Science in Flight Test & Evaluation
Master's Degree in Public Administration Science
Master's Degree Strategic Studies ad International Security, CA' Foscari University Venezia
Master's Degree International Strategic Military Studies, La Sapienza University Rome Italy
U.S. Naval Test Pilot School Class 148
Bachelor's Degree International Political Science, Italian Naval Academy, Livorno Pisa Italy

Flight Qualifications

Experimental Test Pilot – Rotary Wing
25 years of experience in the Italian Navy with multiple deployments for anti-terrorism and disaster relief operations
Over 2,500 Flight Hours in over 45 different aircraft.

Flight Test Experience

Commanding Officer Italian Navy Naval Test and Evaluation Center
Experimental Test Pilot Instructor, Italian Navy Test and Evaluation Center
Test Pilot on EH-101, SH-90/MH-90, AB-212. Many dynamic interface tests and aircraft system tests

Professional Affiliations

Member – Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP)

National Test Pilot School
P.O. Box 658
Mojave, CA  93502-0658  USA
Phone: +1 (661) 824-2977
Fax: +1 (661) 824-2943
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Contact Info

National Test Pilot School
P.O. Box 658
Mojave, CA 93502-0658 USA
Phone: +1 (661) 824-2977
Fax: +1 (661) 824-2943