Matteo Brambilla

Fixed Wing Test Pilot Instructor, Professor



Academic Qualifications:

U.S. Naval Test Pilot School Class 153
Master's Degree Strategic Studies ad International Security CA' Foscari University
Bachelor's Degree International Political Science, Italian Naval Academy, Livorno Pisa Italy

Flight Qualifications:

FAA Commercial Pilot ASEL/AMEL and Instrument
AV-8B II+ NVD Qualified
AV-8B II+ Carrier Qualified (DAY-NIGHT-NVG)
F35B Carrier Qualified
EASA Airline Transport Pilot – frozen (frozen ATPL)
EASA Commercial Pilot Airplane (CPL-A)
EASA Flight Test Rating – CAT 1

Flight Experience:

22 years of service in the Italian Navy, 15 of which as a Military Fighter/Attack pilot with multiple deployments in support of Air and Naval Operations
Over 1400 Flight Hours in 39 different aircraft. Military Fighter and Attack time on AV8B II+ and F-35B

Instructor Experience:

AV-8B II+ Instructor
AV-8B II+ Functional Check Pilot
F-35B Functional Check Pilot
Military Flight Test Instructor

Flight Test Experience:

Commanding Officer Italian Navy F-35B and AV-8B II Squadron during IT Navy OT&E on ITS Cavour
Test Pilot for the IT Navy on AV8B II+ and F-35B, actively employed during IT Navy OT&E on ITS Cavour
Experimental FW Test Pilot and FW Test Pilot Instructor, IT Air Force Air Test Center, Pratica di mare

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