Vikrant Sharma

Flight Test Instructor

 Vikrant Sharma

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Technology in Aerospace Engineering -2011, Amity University, India
Flight Test Engineer, National Test Pilot School - 2022, CA
Master of Science in Flight Test Engineering - 2022, National Test Pilot School, CA

Flight Test Experience

BrahMos cruise missile integration and flight trials from Sukhoi SU-30 MKI
Carriage, envelope expansion, separation, weapon employment philosophies and weapon effectiveness flight trials for Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground weapons systems
RF seeker development trials for supersonic cruise missile on SU-30 MKI
Weapon INS and GNSS system flight trials
HMI development and testing for weapons employment on SU-30 MKI
Sukhoi SU-30 MKI OFP upgrade flight trials
LAR development and testing for BrahMos cruise missile
Store carriage and separation trials for multiple weapon loadout for Mirage 2000 upgrade program
EO/IR, IRST, EW, Radar systems tests on 4.5 gen aircraft
Weapon development and testing
Hypersonic weapons development ground testing

Weapons Development

Hypersonic aerodynamic and scramjet systems
BrahMos-NG external aerodynamic team lead
Integration & trials of weapon systems from surface, ships and submarine platform

Management Experience

2IC in booster and warhead integration of a strategic missile
Project manager for aerodynamics studies of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile integration on SU-30 MKI

Professional Affiliations

Member - Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE)
Society of Automotive Engineers
Association of Old Crows.

National Test Pilot School
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