NTPS Professional Course students visit multiple aerospace companies

NTPS Professional Course students visited multiple aerospace companies all over the US as part
of a weeklong field trip to gain exposure to the flight testing of new aircraft and systems designs.
The team visited Beta technologies, an eVTOL company based in Burlington, Vermont,
Gulfstream Flight Test Center in Savannah, Georgia, Bell Helicopters and Airbus Helicopters in
Fort Worth, Texas. The students were exposed to real world industry flight testing and associated
best practices. They also flew simulators of the eVTOL aircraft “Alia”, Gulfstream’s newest
G700 and G400 business jets, and the Bell 525 fly-by-wire helicopter. The field trip is an
important part of NTPS curriculum through which flight testers get an appreciation of the state of
the art of flight testing in the industry.


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