T&E 4017 Introduction to RW P&FQ

Course Description

This two-week course is offered on-campus once a year.  The course includes academic lectures, laboratory exercises, in-flight instruction and flight-test data analysis.  The aim of the course is to it is to introduce pilots, engineers, flight test support and management personnel to helicopter flight test theory and procedures.  This course can also serve as a refresher course for experienced flight test personnel.  The scope of the course includes the evaluation of helicopter performance, handling qualities, data acquisition and analysis, as well as an overview of applicable civilian regulations (US CFR title 14 and EASA) and military specifications pertaining to piloted helicopters.  The academic classes prepare the students to effectively plan and conduct helicopter flight tests.  Students participate as flight test engineers on several flights in an instrumented helicopter, gathering data for post-flight analysis.  The students present their findings and recommendations on mission suitability and regulatory compliance in a group oral briefing to the staff.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

Be familiar with:

  • · Aircraft control Systems
  • · Takeoff and Landing Performance
  • · Engine Characteristics
  • · Height-Velocity Testing
  • · Mechanical Characteristics of Flight Controls
  • · Low Airspeed Characteristics
  • · Closed Loop Handling Qualities
  • · Various Types of Rotor Systems
  • · The Standard Atmosphere


  • · Pitot-Static Systems Theory and Flight Testing
  • · Turbine Engine Flight Testing
  • · Hover Performance Flight Testing
  • · Level Flight Performance Flight Testing
  • · Forward Flight Climb and Descent Flight Testing
  • · Longitudinal Static and Dynamic Stability

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