T&E 4101 FW Performance Flight Testing I

Course Description

This course is offered once per year on-campus and once per year distance learning.  An intensive overview of the methods used to make performance evaluations of propeller driven aircraft.  Emphasis is placed on subsonic aerodynamics, pitot-statics and reciprocating engine theory.  Cruise performance testing methods for propeller aircraft is stressed.  Takeoff and landing theory and flight test methods for all types of aircraft is also covered.

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with

  • · The fundamentals of dimensional analysis.
  • · Subsonic aerodynamics principles.


  • · Standard atmosphere and the associated tables.
  • · Pitot static principles and PEC requirements
  • · Reciprocating engines and propeller theory and applicable certification requirements.
  • · Takeoff and landing theory and requirements


  • · How drag polars are determined and how they are used for modeling.
  • · How to measure and evaluate pitot static position errors.
  • · How to test and evaluate takeoff and landing performance.
  • · How to test and evaluate the cruise performance of propeller-driven aircraft.
  •   How to measure the weight and center of gravity of an aircraft