T&E 4102 FW Performance Flight Testing II

Course Description

This course is offered once per year on-campus and once per year distance learning.  The course is designed to provide a continuation of the theory and flight test techniques employed during the performance evaluations of propeller-driven aircraft.  An intensive overview of the methods used to make cruise performance evaluations of turbine and jet powered aircraft.  Emphasis is placed on stalls and turbine/jet engine theory.  Climb and turn performance testing for all types of aircraft is also taught.  Energy management and transonic/supersonic aerodynamics are also covered. (Prerequisite: Successful completion of T&E 4101)

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with

  • · Supersonic Aerodynamics Principles
  • · Transonic Aerodynamics Principles


  • · Turbine engine theory and test procedures.
  • · Optimization and Prediction of Cruise Performance
  • · Aircraft energy management concepts.
  • · Advanced Performance – Gathering Techniques


  • · Climb performance theory and test methods.
  • · Turn performance theory and test methods.
  • · Stall theory and test methods.
  • · How to test and evaluate cruise performance of a jet aircraft.