T&E 4114 RW Flying Qualities Flight Testing II

Course Description

This course is offered once per year on-campus.  The course is designed to provide an intensive overview of the methods used to make dynamic stability determinations of helicopters.  Subjects include rotary wing equations of motion, dynamics requirements and flight test techniques.  Included is a brief review of mathematical concepts used for analysis in the frequency domain such as the Laplace transform. (Prerequisite: Successful completion of T&E 4113) 

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with:

  • AFCS flight testing.
  • Data analysis software applications.


  • Fundamentals of aircraft motion analysis.
  • The regulatory requirements pertaining to helicopter dynamics.
  • Helicopter coupling dynamics.
  • ADS-33 closed loop handling qualities testing and techniques.
  • Rotary wing control and gust response.


  • The flight test techniques used to quantitatively and qualitatively determine helicopter dynamics.