T&E 4202 Communications, Navigation, and GPS Flight Testing

Course Description

This course is offered once per year on-campus and once per year distance learning.   The course is designed to provide an extensive examination of Avionic communications and navigation systems, their modes of operation, and procedures for evaluating and testing the equipment are formulated.  Electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing is discussed.  Voice and datalink communication testing is discussed.  Ground based radio navigation aids and GNSS flight testing are discussed.  Inertial navigation systems and the testing of integrated navigation systems are explained.

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with the fundamentals of:

  • Antennas
  • Inertial Navigation Systems
  • Integrated Navigation Systems
  • Data Link Communications and Tactical Datalinks
  • Transponders and ADS-B

Understand the:

  • Fundamental concepts behind GNSS and GNSS augmentation systems.

Know the technique for:

  • Evaluating radio communication intelligibility
  • Evaluating GNSS as installed on aircraft
  • Evaluating systems for Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operations
  • Evaluating ground based NavAids