T&E 4207 Electro-Optic and Infrared Systems Flight Testing

Course Description

This course is offered once per year on-campus. The course is designed to provide a review basic Electro-optical (ultraviolet, visible and infrared) theory and then teach practical application of this theory.  Electro-optical ground and flight test theory shall be explained and demonstrated.  The first part of the course is designed to review radiation theory, while the remainder is arranged to review, in significant detail, typical electro-optical systems components and both passive and active electro-optical systems.  Test plan formulation and the determination of the necessary test points for validating system capabilities are also addressed.

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with:

  • The history, evolution and application of electro-optic and infra-red systems
  • Electro-Optic and Infra-Red system components


  • Atmospheric propagation
  • Target signatures
  • Sources of radiation
  • Lasers and laser range finders


  • How to calculate spatial frequency
  • How to calculate range predictions
  • How to conduct electro-optic and infra-red systems evaluations