T&E 4208 NVG & HMD Testing

Course Description

This course is offered twice per year on campus. The course is designed to provide technical information and human factors considerations regarding Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs), Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible lighting, and the integration of both into an aircraft. Emphasis is placed on hands-on test techniques to evaluate the total NVIS as integrated in fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. The academic lectures are reinforced during laboratory demonstrations and through practical exercises performing both ground and flight testing. This course enables the students to effectively plan and execute HMD and NVIS ground and flight tests.

Anticipated Course Learning Outcomes

Be familiar with:

  • Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) lighting specifications and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 14, NVG requirements.
  • HMD relay optics considerations
  • HMD head tracking systems


  • Night vision sensors and image sources
  • Image intensification technology
  • NVIS modification methods for interior and exterior lighting
  • Biodynamics factors affecting HMD designs
  • NVIS to aircraft integration testing
  • Aeromedical and human factor considerations


  • Procedures for helmet mounting, aligning, and adjusting the focus of NVG
  • Evaluate the NVG image for possible defects
  • Perform a qualitative evaluation of the NVG performance
  • Perform a ground and flight evaluation of an NVIS