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Veterans and Military Benefits

The National Test Pilot School (NTPS) Office of the Student Services serves as the liaison between NTPS, its students, and the various federal, state, and local agencies concerned with Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits and Department of Defense (DoD) tuition assistance.
NTPS has made a good faith effort to comply with the Principles of Excellence established by Executive Order 13607. NTPS participates in the Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership program so that eligible active duty service members are able to obtain Tuition Assistance from their military branch as administered by the Department of Defense. The VA Certifying Officer in the Student Services Office serves as the first point of contact for Veterans education benefits assistance and DoD tuition assistance.
NTPS certifies enrollment for Veterans education benefits for students in degree seeking programs, and students in VA approved certificate programs offered through the NTPS. Non-matriculated and unapproved certificate programs are not eligible. All students eligible to receive Veterans education benefits or DoD tuition assistance while attending NTPS are urged to complete arrangements with the appropriate agency in advance of enrollment.
NTPS is required to certify only those courses that meet minimum graduation requirements. Courses not directly related to a student's degree program or courses beyond those required for a specific degree program are not certified. Graduate students should have Student Services approve their study lists as meeting graduation requirements on a quarterly basis.
To comply with federal regulations concerning credit for previous training (38 CFR 21.4253), NTPS is required to evaluate all previous education and training completed elsewhere to determine what credit, if any, should be granted to students eligible to receive Veterans education benefits or DoD tuition assistance. NTPS is required to complete an evaluation; credit is granted when appropriate. Credit is evaluated toward the degree program registered with Veterans Affairs or DoD as determined by the Office of Student Services in conjunction with the relevant academic committee. All relevant policies regarding transfer credit apply. In addition, this evaluation occurs each time a student's degree program is changed. Subject to current federal and NTPS guidelines, students eligible for receipt of Veterans education benefits or DoD tuition assistance have their prior education and training evaluated up to the credit limits outlined in the "the Transfer of Credits” section of the NTPS Catalog.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



National Test Pilot School is a world-renowned, accredited university program that will provide you with graduate level education in the science, engineering and discipline of Flight Test.

In our core, we are concerned about your success in our program.  We have found that the better a student is prepared before arriving at NTPS, the greater their success while completing the program.  At the following links you will find text material as well as tutorials for you to work through in preparation for a fast-paced and concentrated period of academic and flying training.  You must recognize that the curriculum follows a building block approach where each academic module builds on and expands upon the module before it.  As such, failure to master concepts prior to moving forward will only lead to greater frustration and risk of failure.

You are highly encouraged to take advantage of these resources to prepare for the academic rigors and also to self-identify places where you may want to find increased study.  During the first week at NTPS you will be given a Math and Physics examination to determine your readiness to proceed further into the curriculum.  This is not an entrance exam, rather a means of measuring your preparedness for the course. 


Available for your download and independent study are two of our text book Volumes:

Volume I - Math and Physics for Flight Testers

Volume II - Aerodynamics for Flight Testers


Also, the following document is a tutorial with exercises to practice or assess your knowledge.

PreTPS Tutorial 

PreTPS Tutorial Solutions





2021 Started Graduated Retained Not-Retained (Withdraw) Not-Retained (Fail)
Master's Degree Program 46 12 34 0 0



2020 Started Graduated Retained Not-Retained (Withdraw) Not-Retained (Fail)
Master's Degree Program 26 11 14 1 0



2019 Started Graduated Retained Not-Retained (Withdraw) Not-Retained (Fail)
Master's Degree Program 21 21 0 0 0



2018 Started Graduated Retained Not-Retained (Withdraw) Not-Retained (Fail)
Master's Degree Program 35 34 0 1 0



2017 Started Graduated Retained Not-Retained (Withdraw) Not-Retained (Fail)
Master's Degree Program 25 20 1 3 0



BPPE Exemption

NTPS' BPPE Exemption Letter is displayed below. You may also download it here.

ISO 9001-2015

NTPS' NQA ISO 9001-2015 Certificate is displayed below. You may also download it here.

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NTPS Professional Course students visit …

NTPS Professional Course students visited multiple aerospace companies all over the US as partof a weeklong field trip to gain exposure to the flight testing of new aircraft and systems designs.The team visited Beta technologies, an eVTOL company based in... Read more

NTPS Graduate Assistant, Vikrant Sharma…

NTPS is pleased to announce that our Graduate Assistant, Vikrant Sharma, co-authored a paper titled “Unsteady CFD Studies for Gust Modeling in Store Separation”, recently published in the Defence Science Journal. The paper, that can be viewed at the following... Read more

UAV Systems Flight Test module

During the UAV Systems Flight Test module, Professional Course students spent a week learning from Industry professionals about the intricacies involved with testing Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and their lessons learned in the process. The students completed several flights with NTPS... Read more

RW and FW P&FQ

During the last two weeks NTPS held its Introduction to Performance and Flying Qualities (P&FQ) Testing Short Courses for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Two diverse classes totaling 20 students that represented 9 different Nations with both military and industry experience... Read more


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